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Proactive Stance

Your current approach to your health is a proactive stance. You are aware of the impact your decisions have on your health and are proactive in taking care of yourself. You utilize methods to enhance your life.

You are driven by a desire to be your best expression of yourself, to constantly improve. You are open to learning new information and actively apply new knowledge to your life approach. Health and happiness are yours to take and you practice, on a daily basis, to give yourself those qualities.

Instinctively you have known for a while that health and knowledge of health is an individual’s responsibility. You probably actively seek information to stay updated on the most effective practices for your health and wellness. You have probably explored different methodologies in search of the best treatments for your health.

You are probably aware of the benefits of mindful practices and implement them in your life but could still use guidance to find new methods and effective practices to enhance your vitality. You probably eat organic, natural foods, drink quality water, and understand the importance of a sleep schedule. You may even have mindfulness practices such as Yoga or breathwork. You probably have an awareness of environmental toxins and are curious how to avoid and eliminate them.

Dr. Jyun’s mission is to empower his clients with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve their greatest potential. During his initial consultation he works with clients to find the root cause of their symptoms and creates a unique treatment plan designed to solve the underlying issue. Dr. Jyun utilizes the Frequency Resonance Technique to communicate with your body to firstly isolate the issue and then test which modalities would be most effective for treatment. This wide range of modalities makes Dr. Jyun a unique practitioner with a creative breadth of treatment possibilities.

Health is our birthright.

Consider These Questions:

1. What brought you here? Do you have symptoms you cannot seem to address?

2. Is there something new you need to learn or know about your health?

3. What message is your body telling you? Are you meeting all your needs emotionally, mentally and physically?

We wish you health and happiness!

If you’re open to learning new methods, getting to the bottom of your symptoms and living your healthiest life, consider a consultation with Dr. Jyun.